James Komen, Consulting Arborist

James Komen presenting research at the 2015 ISA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.

James Komen presenting research at the 2016 ISA Annual Conference in Ft. Worth, TX

Peer-Reviewed Journals:

Field Precision of CTLA Trunk Formula Method - A&UF 2015 September
Gender and Expression of Magnesium Deficiency in Canary Island Date Palms - Palms Vol. 60(2) 2016
Reassessment of Pelagodoxa - Palms Vol. 63(3) 2019

Tree Appraisal:

Buckets and Depreciation in the CTLA Trunk Formula Technique - Arboricultural Consultant 2019 Summer
The Importance of Reconciliation in Tree Appraisal
- Western Arborist 2017 Summer
Field Precision of Collaborative-Appraisal Using CTLA TFM - Western Arborist 2017 Spring
Inter-Appraiser Variability for Written Appraisals - Western Arborist 2017 Winter
The Importance of Tree Appraisal - TCIA Magazine June 2016
            Response Letters - TCIA Magazine August 2016
Creating a Marketplace for Large Trees - Western Arborist 2016 Summer
Critical Analysis of the ATA Formula - Western Arborist 2016 Spring

Managerial Accounting for Arborists

Part 1: Accounting Basics - SCA Today 2017 December
Part 2: Cash vs. Accrual Accounting - SCA Today 2018 March
Part 3: Cost Classification and Depreciation - SCA Today 2018 July
Part 4: Payroll-Related Expenses - SCA Today 2018 Nov
Part 5: Financing - SCA Today 2019 Jan

General Interest Articles:

Wielding the A300 Standards: The Shield and the Sword - Arborist News 2020 Feb
Key Differences Between Expert Witnesses and Fact Witnesses
- Arboricultural Consultant 2019 Feb
Working With Insurance Adjusters on Fire and Mudslide Claims
 - Western Arborist 2018 Fall
Emergent Properties of Tree Protection Ordinances
- Arboricultural Consultant 2018 May
Top Five Questions A Working Arborist Gets Asked by a Homeowner - Taproot 2018 March
Protected Tree Reports in City of LA: A Market Study - Western Arborist 2018 Winter
White-Hat Hacking the TRAQ Methodology  - Arborist News 2017 October
Palm Gender Affects Magnesium Deficiency - Western Arborist 2017 Fall
Consultants and Contractor Licensing in California - Western Arborist 2016 Fall
How to Write a 300 Page Report in a Week: The Magic of Dictation - Arboricultural Consultant 2016 Nov
The Standard Nursery Tree - Arboricultural Consultant 2015 Nov

Detective Dendro:

The Case of the Christmas Catastrophe - Arborist News 2019 December
The Case of the Flawed Floss Silk
- Arborist News 2019 October
The Case of the Decaffeinated Morning
- Arborist News 2019 August
The Case of the Ruptured Root Crown
 - Arborist News 2019 June
The Case of the Perished Pine - Arborist News 2019 April
The Case of the Terrifying Twister
 - Arborist News 2019 February
The Case of the Beach House Beech - Arborist News 2018 December
The Case of the Baffling Butternut
- Arborist News 2018 October
The Case of the Avocado Aficionado - Arborist News 2018 June
The Case of the Rooftop Restaurant - Arborist News 2018 April
The Case of the Mystery Driveway
 - Arborist News 2018 February
The Case of the Quercus Calamity - Arborist News 2017 December
The Case of the Deficient Palms - Arborist News 2017 October
The Case of the Movie Star Trees - Arborist News 2017 June
The Case of the Redwood Roots - Arborist News 2016 December

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